Chat Decoder (Y)

Chat Decoder (Y)

Understanding your kids' online lingo is like learning a different language. Most words and phrases are abbreviated, made into acronyms, or letters substituted with numbers and symbols, such as 'L337' for 'Elite'.

We've made a quick decoder you can use to translate these words to your language.  You can browse by clicking on the desired letter, or search for a whole or partial code.

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* Warning: Some translations may be crude or offensive. Use at your own risk.

Search for:
YATBYou are the best
YBSYou'll be sorry
YGYoung gentleman
YKYWTKMYou know you want to kiss me
YLYoung lady
YMMDYou made my day
YOLOYou Only Live Once
YOYOYou're on your own
YWYou're welcome
YWTHMYou want to hug me
YWTKMYou want to kiss me
YWTLMYou want to love me
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