Chat Decoder (S)

Chat Decoder (S)

Understanding your kids' online lingo is like learning a different language. Most words and phrases are abbreviated, made into acronyms, or letters substituted with numbers and symbols, such as 'L337' for 'Elite'.

We've made a quick decoder you can use to translate these words to your language.  You can browse by clicking on the desired letter, or search for a whole or partial code.

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* Warning: Some translations may be crude or offensive. Use at your own risk.

Search for:
S/UShut up
S2RSend to Recieve
SAMAGALStop annoying me and get a life
SHSo Hot
SNAFUSituation Normal, All F'ed Up
SOSignificant Other
SOMYSick of me yet?
SPAMUnsolicited Junk Email
STBUSucks to be you
STFUShut the F*** Up
STWSearch the web
SUGARPICSuggestive or erotic picture of self
SUPWhat's up?
SWBSorry wrong box, window
SWIMSee What I Mean
SYSSee you soon
SYSOPSystem Operator
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