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E-Mail for Kids
1999-09-28 12:30:00


Utah company opens online web-based e-mail service for children

AMERICAN FORK, UT -- Xnote Communications -, a Utah based web design and hosting company, opens an online web-based e-mail service specifically targeting parents with children wanting their own e-mail account.

ZooBuh! brings its parental controls and safety to parents' fingertips. Parents have complete control over their child day and night by specifying times of the day or week they can login. Although ZooBuh has the ability to accept mail from specified senders--parents can also take advantage of the ability to view their child's Inbox, approve messages, delete specific attachments and block specific senders.

ZooBuh services cost $1 per month per child. ZooBuh has a no-obligation 30-day try before you buy sign-up process.

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