ZooBuh Is About Peace of Mind

ZooBuh Is About Peace of Mind

ZooBuh Is About Peace of Mind

Paul S
June 3, 2015

Thanks to the Internet and email, it is possible for us to reach out, discover and learn like never before. Email has proven to be a real game changer, and everyone wants to use it as a primary form of communication - and that includes children. Parents are correct in wanting to make sure their kids have access to technology. However, parents need to know that their children are safe when using email.

Ensuring Safe Email for Kids

The ZooBuh difference is that we make email much safer. You'll enjoy a new level of control as well as peace of mind when using a secure platform for child's email. If you've ever wanted to be able to monitor what is happening with your child's online email communications, well, now you finally can. Safe email for kids has arrived.

Research Supports Parental Concern

As a parent, you have a right to worry. According to Harris Interactive-McAfee, 63% of teens say that they know how to hide what they do online from their parents. That means that even though you think you have an understanding of what is going on, you likely don't really know what your child is thinking or doing.

Adding to that concern is the fact that, according to Cox Communication, 69% of teens say that they regularly receive messages from people online they don't know. Making this even more troublesome is the fact that they don't follow up by telling an adult when this occurs.

Perhaps most alarming of all, the Rochester Institute of Technology discovered that over 10% of students accepted an invitation to meet an online stranger in person.

Your Proactive Steps

Parents should be motivated to take protective steps. Just because you want to ensure your child's safe communications online does not mean you're unreasonable or overprotective. Through ZooBuh, parents now have a safe email for kids option that adds a considerable layer of protection for online communications.

ZooBuh Email Monitoring, Activity Logs & Mail Queue Technology

ZooBuh includes email monitoring and activity logs. You'll know exactly who is communicating with your child online and why. You can even restrict the times and places where your child can log in so that he or she stays safe when you're not around.

Want to approve an incoming email message before your child sees it? Our Mail Queue technology places all of your child's incoming messages into a folder that is not visible to your child. In this way, you can approve, preview and even delete messages before your child sees it.

Enjoy Quick Communication with an Approved List

ZooBuh is also about ease of use. You can select trusted friends and family email addresses so that your child can have quick email correspondence. In fact - you can even limit your child's email account to only people you've approved in advance.

The Internet is a pretty amazing place. ZooBuh wants you and your children to get the most out of the Internet and email. Helping you keep your children safe is what we do at ZooBuh. We think you're going to like what we have to offer.

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