Understanding the dangers posed to children by the Internet

Understanding the dangers posed to children by the Internet

Understanding the dangers posed to children by the Internet

David S.
May 15, 2015

The Internet is a fantastic tool that we all use in our everyday lives whether it be to purchase products and services, to perform research or to communicate with friends, colleagues and family members.

The Internet is also an extremely powerful tool that our children can take great benefit from – particularly in terms of the research facilities that come hand in hand with the Internet it can be extremely useful in facilitating the learning process for them.

As well as these great benefits the Internet does come with many pitfalls and dangers, especially when it is being used by children. As adults and parents it is important that we understand all of these dangers as well as the ways in which we can monitor, regulate and shield our children from them.

Understanding the scope of the Internet

As with all dangers it is important to understand the scope that the Internet covers so that we can then understand each individual danger within that scope. The Internet is not simply the thing that we see when opening a browser and visiting Google, it is actually a means of communication that is available to our entire computer as well as most of our other electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, Television as well as many modern kid’s toys and games.

In addition the Internet is not just available in the form of web pages but is accessible via email, instant chat programs and from inside many games. As such all of these devices and different platforms need to be monitored and regulated in order to keep our children safe.

How do we regulate these mediums?

Each of the various mediums available to use with the Internet tend to have their own methods of regulation. Internet browsers can be regulated with the use of content filters – in fact Microsoft Internet Explorer has a built in content filter. Most games that provide Internet access have parental controls and the ability to restrict or turn off Internet access. Other devices and platforms such as smart phones and email systems are harder to restrict so need a different approach.

For these harder to restrict platforms it is important that we have parental control over our children’s use of the internet. For example it is important that we restrict the times in which they can use the Internet and we should be present while they do so, in order that we can monitor the use. If clear rules are put in place to this effect then controlling how and when children use the Internet is much easier.  Because Zoobuh is the best email for kids, our expertise and products can help give you the control you need.

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