Open Up New Communication Opportunities with the Best Email for Kids

Open Up New Communication Opportunities with the Best Email for Kids

Open Up New Communication Opportunities with the Best Email for Kids

Paul S
June 5, 2015

If you are like most parents, you've been wishing that there were a safer way for children to communicate online. ZooBuh is breaking new ground in the realm of making your child's online communications safer. If you've been looking for a superior email for kids option, then ZooBuh is the answer.

The Dangers of Cyberbullying

More and more these days, parents are worried about what kind of communication is happening with their child online. Stunningly, a Harris Interactive-McAfee study concluded that 20% of children have engaged in cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying, a term that was virtually unknown just a few years ago, has become a very serious problem as teens and even children post embarrassing photos, discuss rumors and generally demean and harass other children. Protecting your child from such inappropriate behavior is one of the reasons why ZooBuh was created.

What Does ZooBuh Offer?

The features built within ZooBuh are powerful. ZooBuh's email for kids was designed to protect children from a wide spectrum of unwanted and potentially damaging communications. Once you've tried ZooBuh for yourself, you will agree that there has never been as functional or useful tool for managing email for kids.

One of the key features of ZooBuh is the Mail Queue System – which makes it possible for parents to approve or deny any incoming or outgoing message before your child sends it or sees it. This feature brings peace of mind to parents as they know exactly what messages are coming and going from their child's inbox.

Learn When and Why Communications Occur

ZooBuh's parent friendly and intuitive tools include the ability to send copies of incoming as well as outgoing messages directly to you, the parent. Imagine for a moment being able to know what kind of emails your child is sending. With our service, you'll also learn when and why these communications take place. Any parent looking to keep their child safe will absolutely love ZooBuh and all it has to offer.

There are additional features - such as the ability to restrict the times that email can be used, restrict email use entirely, block specific senders, pre-approve other senders such as family members and a great deal more. And the activity-logging feature of ZooBuh means that you will never be left wondering how your child is using email.

The Best Email for Kids

With each year that passes by, email for kids is becoming a greater priority. With ZooBuh, parents can finally relax and know that an innovative, effective, and proven technology is now on their side.

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