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Email has always been an important part of communication on the Internet. Even today, there's no better way to communicate with family and friends than email.

Kids today, start out with technology as a normal part of their life. Email continues to be the best way to communicate with each other. Not everyone has Facebook, Myspace or Twitter. Even when those services are gone, email will still be the best way to communicate with loved ones.

With Zoobuh, your child can have a safe email account that you, as a parent, can control and monitor from anywhere. Our easy-to-use parental controls, monitoring tools and other features are a great way to help ensure that your child's online communication remains safe, interactive, and just plain fun!

ZooBuh is Email for Kids and Families!

Make sure your child is using email responsibly

With mail monitoring and activity logs, you can monitor all incoming and outgoing email at all times. Find out when and from where your child logs in and out of his or her email.

Approve incoming mail before your child sees it

The Mail Queue®, places all incoming mail into a folder that is not visible to your child until you approve it. Preview email and delete or deny spam, inappropriate messages, or questionable attachments.

Restrict times and places your child can log in

ZooBuh empowers you to restrict times of the day and week your child can login. Keep the email account locked if your child is at school or unsupervised, or block specific senders by placing them on a blacklist.

Easily get email from trusted friends and family

Keep approved email addresses from friends and family in the contact manager so they can be quickly retrieved. You can limit your child's email to only this customizable email list if you prefer.


  • 63% of teens say they know how to hide what they do online from their parents (Harris Interactive-McAfee 10/2008)
  • One in five kids have engaged in cyberbullying behavior -- posting embarrassing photos, spreading rumors, and more. (Harris Interactive-McAfee, 10/2008)
  • 69% of teens regularly receive personal messages online from people they don't know and most don't tell a trusted adult about it. (Cox Communications in partnership with NCMEC and John Walsh, 2007).
  • More than one in 10 students have accepted an invitation to meet an online stranger in person (Rochester Institute of Technology, 2008).
You are the first line of defense for protecting your child on the Internet. Sign up for ZooBuh today!
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