Internet Safety 101

Internet Safety 101

Internet Safety 101
Alan Fullmer
November 28, 2003

As a parent, you often wonder what is the best way to tell your kids how to behave online.  Simply put, making rules before hand, makes your job easier.  If the rules are known ahead of time, your child will know the consequences of not following them.   This solves the dilemma of not knowing how to reprimand your child after the fact.   Set some ground rules before they start.  Parents should always determine the age where the child can use the Internet without parental supervision.

Some suggested rules of internet safety for kids are as follows:

  1. NEVER talk to strangers
  2. NEVER give out any information such as a home address, phone number
  3. NEVER tell someone you don't know where you go to school
  4. NEVER send a picture of yourself
  5. NEVER agree to meet anyone from the Internet in person
  6. NEVER give your password to anyone, even your friends
  7. NEVER threaten anyone online and ALWAYS behave appropriately
  8. NEVER download or install any program without parental permission
  9. DO TALK to your parents about your online experiences
  10. ALWAYS ask your parent questions if you have them, no matter how small

Parents, you can modify or add to this list as you see fit.  Nobody knows your child better than you.  Make sure they understand these rules before you allow them online--even if you are present.

Just remember, the more you interact with your child, the better off they will be.  Make sure you take Internet Safety seriously.

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